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My name is Michaela (Kyla for short), and I'm a fully insured and qualified Equine Massage Therapist covering Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire - Although I will travel the whole of the UK if you need me.

I specialise in Sports Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Release, Cupping, Energy Healing, Craniosacral therapy, Relaxation, Rehabilitation & Iridology.

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Who I am... What I do...


From an early age, I've always had a natural ability to understand horses, in more ways than one.

After spending 20 dedicated (and very stressful) years in the wedding industry I decided to follow my heart and true passion, by working with horses. I've always had a talent for helping people, so it made sense to help horses instead.

I trained and studied more than I ever had before, and qualified with distinctions in massage therapy, which gave me the title ESMT.

That was my turning point, I got the bug for finding new ways to help heal horses. Every few months I studied something new, and I will continue to study new methods for as long as I am working on horses.

I've used natural horsemanship for around 17 years, and I have an open mind to many things from old school, to new age training.

My latest qualifications consist of Equine Energy Healing, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Cupping.

I've also been studying Equine Iridology for around 2 years now, which allows me to read the horses eye map and locate issues, pain, strengths, weaknesses and even hereditary traits. This means I know where the horse is sore before I even lay my hands on it, and it gives owners answers to things such as behaviour issues, including internal and external problems.

This is what makes me different to other therapists, because I assess the horse from inside to out.


Treatments & Options

If you aren't sure how I can help your horse, please call me and I'll be happy to discuss my treatments.

Initial consultation

This is where I get to meet you and your horse, and discuss both your needs!
Your first initial assessment will include a full static and dynamic assessment of your horse, and an Iridology check for my continued training. I will also ask you many things about whats been going on past and present, including diet and your daily routine. This gives me a good interpretation of the whole picture, and helps me figure out where to start.
On occasion, I may need to see the horse ridden or briefly lunged to assess gaits.
I will always check the constitution of the horse in general, and then get to know your horse by encouraging relaxation through effleurage and begin to warm up the muscles.
Depending on your discipline, and what the horse needs, I will use various techniques that I am trained in, to offer you and your horse the best session possible, and I will always talk you through what I'm doing at the same time.
Depending on the horse and what therapy it needs, I may use sports massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, myofacial release, cupping and even craniosacral therapy.
All my routines include relaxation and a cool down to close.
I always carry my heat pad, for those very cold tight areas, so this will be also used if needed.
I spend a lot of time assessing everything I can, to offer you and your horse the best treatment possible, and provide further follow up care and advice.


How treatments work

Due to my ongoing training and wide range of treatments, I base my prices by new client, follow up or routine work.

Generally my clients fall into 3 categories:

1) See me once, and your horse is pretty much perfect and you only need to see me as and when theres an issue, or in 3-4 months for a maintenance visit.

2) Your horse needs 2-3 follow up visits ranging between 4-12 weeks apart, which are often staggered from 4 to 8, then 10 weeks plus - this is generally when the horse needs varied treatments to be fully sound.

3) You tend to do a lot of riding, whether XC, eventing, dressage or SJ, and you want me on a routine maintenance visit every 4 weeks to keep your horse in top condition.

Yard Visits or Group Bookings

I offer a discount with group bookings of 4 or more horses in one place.

Please contact me to discuss as I will need to work out timing, depending if you are a new client, or having a follow up or routine booking.

I can see a maximum of 6 horses safely in one day - depending on if I have treated them before.



All prices are based on Sudbury in Ashbourne (Derbyshire) as a starting point, and covers the cost of travel and any treatment you need.

I cover a 25 mile radius within these prices.

Anything further, and I charge £1 per mile on top of set prices, per location. Group bookings of 4 or more may qualify for a discount when booked on the same day.

I will travel further and even do overnight stays if need be. Prices will be charged as a set day rate, so please call me to discuss.


New Client & Initial Consultation

Up to 25 miles from DE6 5HG
Average 90 - 100 mins per horse


Follow Up Appointment

Up to 25 miles from DE6 5HG
Up to 90 mins per horse
Follow up to Initial Consultation


Maintenance & Routine Bookings

Up to 25 miles from DE6 5HG
Up to 60 mins per horse
Booked every 4 weeks


Horse, Dog and Human Products

As a Team Director and Independent distributor for AlvaHorse, you are now able to purchase all your grooming essentials directly through me.  All products can be shipped straight to your door in a matter of days, or I offer a delivery service for clients local to Sudbury.

Orders placed prior to your massage appointments, will be brought on the day.

Various products are available for horse, rider and your K9 friends ~ so ask me what I have!

For a full price list and to see "offers or package deals" please contact me and I'll send you all the latest info.

If you would be interested in joining my team as an independent distributor please ask me for my business start up details.

Horsecare products




Dog Grooming Products

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Welsh Clai Products


Support local businesses


Would you like to join my team?

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Rockpods & Cupping!

January 2021

A new technique added this year. Designed to be easily used on animals, and no fire involved! Great to break down scar tissue, aids with fascia release and enhances blood flow.
These little suckers come with me on every visit now!


Frequently Asked Questions


How & where will you want to treat my horse?

Most horses are more relaxed in their stable, or standing outside it while undergoing treatment. For an initial assessment, I'll need to see your horse moving, circling, bending, walking and trotting up, if possible!

If you need further assessment under saddle, then somewhere you normally ride is perfect. Not everyone has a menage or field to ride in, so the flattest land we can use should be fine.

My horse only has a shelter, is that ok?

Yes, of course. As long as I have somewhere light, and safe for myself and your horse to stand, I can still treat your horse. (Assuming we aren't standing in a foot of mud)

All I ask, is that if your horse is out 24/7, they are fully rugged up prior to my visit as they must be dry to be massaged.

What should I expect from my first session?

I'm here to help you and your horse.

I encourage all treatments to be safe, happy, and a positive experience.

I work to the speed and nature of each individual horse, so dont worry if you have one that hates being touched, I take it all in my stride, and build a relationship first.

I'm not here to second guess you, judge you or question how you do things, so although I may ask when you last had a dentist or farrier, they are for my own personal notes, to help me get a better understanding of what I'm looking at.

My horse has a wound thats still healing, can you still treat it?

In my profession, I have to look at contraindications that would prevent me from treating your horse. For their safety and well-being, I would not treat a horse that has an open wound, but I will be very happy to see them, as soon as it has healed.

What if you cant treat my horse?

If I find anything that I cannot treat, I will always recommend going back to your vet, or point you in the direction of other professionals that offer different services to myself.

I am here to help you, not just take money for something I cant fix. I'm very honest, and I have you and your horses best interest at heart, at all times.

Do I need vet consent?

Yes please! For me to make sure I am fully protected and covered by my insurance policies to treat your horse, I do require a Vet consent form to be filled in.

CLICK HERE to download it for printing or emailing. Once I have this, I am covered for around 6 months, depending on what treatment you need. I am happy to have a chat with your vet about any ongoing treatments under their care, if that would help.

If you are not sure how to go about all this, please get in touch, and between us we can work it out together.

How do I know if I need you?

Generally, your horse will tell you.

Is your horse reacting to the girth when tacking up? Kicking off on the wrong canter? Falling through the shoulder? Acting more crabby than normal, or looking depressed? Nipping round to bite when being tacked up or rugged? Napping when going out? Dipping down when tacked up? Acting up? Looking lame with no reason? Losing flexion, bend or propulsion?

Have you recently evented? Jumped? hunted? Has your horse recently got cast?

There's a million reasons why your horse may need treating, but only 1 person can decide to book me in.

Do I need to be there, and how do I pay?

Someone needs to be present. If you can't be, then a yard owner, or friend that is prepared to take responsibility on your behalf is perfectly fine.

If you're part of a yard booking, one person is sufficient for all the horses...mainly, to walk and trot them all up and down for me!

I do ask you pay on the day I see you, preferably in cash, however one bonus is, I CAN take card payments but only face to face (not over the phone), and I am also happy for you to BACS me the day before treatment, if you don't plan to be present, and find it easier this way.


Recent Testimonials


R. Parnell

Would highly recommend. Very thorough and knowledgeable.
My horse was so chilled out with all massaging that was releasing all the tension in his back.
Was nice to see that the area’s that I know where sore where picked up on straight away with out pointing them out.
Fantastic job. Thank you. See you in 4 weeks.



Located on the A50 between Uttoxeter and Derby, which means I can travel to most areas in the Midlands fairly easily.

Sudbury, Ashbourne
Derbyshire DE6 5HG


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