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My name is Michaela Winter (Kyla for short), and I'm a fully insured and qualified Equine Massage Therapist covering Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.
I specialise in Sports Massage Therapy, Trigger Point therapy, Energy Healing, Relaxation and Rehabilitation.

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Who I Am and What I offer...

I started training in equine therapy nearly 3 years ago in my spare time, while still running my other business 7 days a week. I've always always been around horses since I learned to walk, and I've always had a natural ability to understand them.
I spent 20 years in another industry before I decided to move into equine therapy full time.
After I qualified, I had so many people asking me to see their horses and all wanting my treatments, that I knew it was time to do my dream job every day.
I've always had issues myself with my back, hips, neck...you name it, so it made a lot of sense to me when I started training to heal horses!
I've studied natural horsemanship for around 15 years, and I have an open mind and approach to many things, from old school to new age training.
I have a passion for knowledge, so I'm always on the look out for new things that help the horse and their owner.
My latest training consists of Equine Energy Healing, and Equine Iridology. I'm expanding my knowledge all the time, and cant wait to take my new skills to the road.


Treatments & Prices

If you aren't sure how I can help your horse, please call me and I'll be happy to discuss my treatments.

Initial consultation

Average of 90 mins £55

I get to meet you, your horse, and your needs!
Your first initial assessment will include a full static and dynamic assessment of your horse.
Followed by me getting to know your horse, encouraging relaxation, muscle warm up, sports massage where needed including trigger point therapy, full body stretches, fascia release, relaxation routines, and cool down.
Heat pads are always used if needed, and I encourage lymphatic drainage to improve circulation too.
I spend a lot of time assessing everything I can, to offer you and your horse the best treatment possible, and further follow up care and advice.

Follow up Visit

Average of 60 mins £50

So, I've seen you and your horse before, and by now I know a little about your life, routines and expectations.
This follow up means that I can continue to help you and your horse feel better, and progress your relationship, whether it be for showing, hacking, jumping, endurance or just because you simply LOVE your horse to death!
Every 8-12 weeks I will continue to work on any areas that you feel need to be addressed, and anything I find that needs looking at.
Full warm up, massage, heat therapy, trigger point therapy, relaxations and cool down.
Horses muscles change all the time, so its normal for a follow up visit to show different areas of concern.

Monthly Maintenance

Average of 50 mins £40

We all know that every now and then we just need a good back rub! …or a monthly "go over"....

Well, that's what I offer - for your horse!

By now, I would have seen your horse at least once or maybe more.... You might be hacking, eventing, hunting, doing endurance, jumping or just pampering your baby...either way, if your horse needs me on a 3-4 week basis, then you get a discount!

Keeping your best friend on a monthly maintenance visit is the best way to keep them fit, healthy and happy. As they develop and change from one month to the next, so do their muscles. You may ride more in the summer, which means they go through more exertion, and ultimately, they need me more.

Multiple Bookings

Contact me for group deals

I offer discounts for Yard visits.

I can often see up to 5 horses in one day if need be, so if you have multiple horses, or a group of you would like to book me on the same day, you will all benefit from a discount.

Please make sure one person is in charge of organising everything with me. If you cant be present, but the organiser is happy to take responsibility for your horse, then I can still offer treatment!

This does help when you have a busy life!

Equine Iridology - Coming Soon!


The eyes act as a 'window', providing insight into the bodily health and functions of the horse.

Iridology is the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the Iris, which in a non invasive and painless way locates the areas and stages of inflammation throughout the body.

It shows inherited and congenital strengths and weaknesses.

Iridology shows pathological changes to the fibres of the Iris, change of pattern, colour and nerve rings which all indicate where there may a problem or build up of toxins in the body, which in turn can lead to disease and future complications.

By reading the Iris, problems can be detected before they occur, which enables prevention before occurrence.

Energy Healing & Relaxation Session

Average of 50-90 mins £40-£55

Energy healing aims to help and restore the body's own naturally existing energies.  These energies have been studied for hundreds of years and are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Jing, Chi and Shen energies are found all over the body, from physical energy, to the blood, auras, chakras and meridian lines, and also not to mention the higher spiritual energy.

The horse’s energy systems are made up of vibrational frequencies, each with their own unique patterning. When a horse becomes ill and suffers trauma, these frequencies can become distorted.

There are many ways for me to restore and balance these energies, from hands on healing to Bach flower and herbal remedies.

Energy healing works in harmony with my relaxation massage work, and horses do love the connection and release they get from it.


Frequently Asked Questions


How & where will you want to treat my horse?

Most horses are more relaxed in their stable, or standing outside it while undergoing treatment. For an initial assessment, I'll need to see your horse moving, circling, bending, walking and trotting up, if possible!

If you need further assessment under saddle, then somewhere you normally ride is perfect. Not everyone has a menage or field to ride in, so the flattest land we can use should be fine.

My horse only has a shelter, is that ok?

Yes, of course. As long as I have somewhere light, and safe for myself and your horse to stand, I can still treat your horse. (Assuming we aren't standing in a foot of mud)

All I ask, is that if your horse is out 24/7, they are fully rugged up prior to my visit as they must be dry to be massaged.

What should I expect from my first session?

I'm here to help you and your horse.

I encourage all treatments to be safe, happy, and a positive experience.

I work to the speed and nature of each individual horse, so dont worry if you have one that hates being touched, I take it all in my stride, and build a relationship first.

I'm not here to second guess you, judge you or question how you do things, so although I may ask when you last had a dentist or farrier, they are for my own personal notes, to help me get a better understanding of what I'm looking at.

My horse has a wound thats still healing, can you still treat it?

In my profession, I have to look at contraindications that would prevent me from treating your horse. For their safety and well-being, I would not treat a horse that has an open wound, but I will be very happy to see them, as soon as it has healed.

What if you cant treat my horse?

If I find anything that I cannot treat, I will always recommend going back to your vet, or point you in the direction of other professionals that offer different services to myself.

I am here to help you, not just take money for something I cant fix. I'm very honest, and I have you and your horses best interest at heart, at all times.

Do I need vet consent?

Yes please! For me to make sure I am fully protected and covered by my insurance policies to treat your horse, I do require a Vet consent form to be filled in.

CLICK HERE to download it for printing or emailing. Once I have this, I am covered for around 6 months, depending on what treatment you need. I am happy to have a chat with your vet about any ongoing treatments under their care, if that would help.

If you are not sure how to go about all this, please get in touch, and between us we can work it out together.

How do I know if I need you?

Generally, your horse will tell you.

Is your horse reacting to the girth when tacking up? Kicking off on the wrong canter? Falling through the shoulder? Acting more crabby than normal, or looking depressed? Nipping round to bite when being tacked up or rugged? Napping when going out? Dipping down when tacked up? Acting up? Looking lame with no reason? Losing flexion, bend or propulsion?

Have you recently evented? Jumped? hunted? Has your horse recently got cast?

There's a million reasons why your horse may need treating, but only 1 person can decide to book me in.

Do I need to be there, and how do I pay?

Someone needs to be present. If you can't be, then a yard owner, or friend that is prepared to take responsibility on your behalf is perfectly fine.

If you're part of a yard booking, one person is sufficient for all the horses...mainly, to walk and trot them all up and down for me!

I do ask you pay on the day I see you, preferably in cash, however one bonus is, I CAN take card payments but only face to face (not over the phone), and I am also happy for you to BACS me the day before treatment, if you don't plan to be present, and find it easier this way.


Recent Testimonials


S. Hall

"Kyla is very thorough and pays great attention to detail. I would highly recommend this lady she has squared my mare up and relieved her from tension build up"


I cover all travel costs within a 15 mile radius of my house, which covers a pretty big area since I'm on the A50 between Uttoxeter and Derby.

After that, I charge 50p per mile to get to you, and that covers me getting home too.

Sudbury, Ashbourne
Derbyshire DE6 5HG



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